Slow Down, Time, and Give Me Some Slow Travel

Did you know when you do something new, time feels like it slows down? Ah-ha!

What is the “Slow Travel”?

Real Benefits of “Slow Travel”

  • understand our destination’s culture better.
  • bring home a few new sayings, habits, or recipes.
  • leave a piece of ourselves behind by engaging with the local community.
  • find it easier to adapt to the language, money, custom, time zone, and cultural differences.
  • feel energized and filled up, without being exhausted!

Tangible Ways to Slow Down — or Capture — Time as We Travel (This works on Group Tours or Cruises!)

  • Choose somewhere new to explore.
  • Choose someone new to walk beside.
  • Choose to take a longer trip, so that jet lag or travel time doesn’t steal your “touring” time.
  • Slow down, lift your head up, and look around. Tune into all of your senses.
  • Enjoy a long conversation.
  • Learn something new about your mate or old friend.
  • Ask questions and listen deeply. It’s restorative and satisfying for both sides of the conversation.
  • Make a Must-See Bucket List — keep it bare bones. Everything else is optional, so you can “follow” your day as it unfolds.
  • Reflect on all that your senses are taking in and journal, even if it’s simple bullet point list. (Buy a thin journal at your destination that reflects the area. Do this for each new trip.)
  • Write a post card.
  • Send the post card!
  • Don’t bother to unpack your suitcase if you have to pack it again in a day or so…who wants to spend time packing and repacking?
  • Read something new or read a beloved book again.
  • Practice immersing yourself into your new surroundings, like you’re diving into the deep end.

Originally published at on April 2, 2019.



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