E. B. White quote on writing
E. B. White quote on writing

I’ve been away from writing for awhile: four whole noisy, long, life-filled weeks. While I’ve enjoyed every moment of family time and productive work assignments, I ache to get back to my writing project. And yet, I had to look myself squarely in the face — I’ve been procrastinating. So, I blocked off my schedule today to fill my mind with other writer’s wisdom and heart-grabbing storytelling, which I interrupted with good old-fashioned pacing and nail-chewing. Thinking. Thinking. Always thinking.

I fall into this writerly posture, which, to me, is also procrastination. Truth-slayer here, I fall into this because I…

Karen Leslie

Travel writer, Marketing Specialist, Fiction & Prose writer, Motivational Writing Instructor. B.H. Penn State, M.F.A. in Writing Spalding University.

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